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How to maintain a chain saw?


Abstract"Seven points to maintain and three points to use", this sentence is very suitable for garden machinery. Develop good maintenance habits so that your garden equipment can be used smoothly and lastingly. Regular cleaning of certain parts of the machinery is one of the best maintenance methods.


1. For the maintenance of the chain saw, the most important thing is the saw chain. The correctly maintenance is that the sharpened saw chain can be easily sawn into the wood with very little pressure. During routine maintenance, check whether there are cracks and broken rivets on the saw chain links. Replace any damaged or worn parts on the saw chain, and then match the new part with the same shape and size.

2. The sharpening work of the saw chain can usually be done by a service dealer. All saw teeth must have the same angle. If they are different, the sawing will not be smooth and the wear will be severe until the saw chain breaks. All saw teeth must also have the same length. If it is different, the tooth height will be different, which will also cause the saw chain to rotate unsteadily and eventually break. After sharpening, thoroughly clean the saw chain, clean the stings or dust attached to it, and lubricate the saw chain. If you do not use it for a long time, make sure that the saw chain is stored in a well-lubricated condition.

3. For storing the chain saw for a long time, empty the fuel tank in a well-ventilated place and clean it. Always operate the engine before the carburetor dries to prevent the carburetor diaphragms from sticking together. Remove the saw chain and guide plate for cleaning and spray with rust preventive oil. Thoroughly clean equipment, especially cylinder cooling fins and air filters. If you are using a bio-saw chain lubricant, fill the tank with oil.

4. It should be noted that even if the chainsaw is used and maintained as required, certain parts of the power tools will have normal wear and tear. Therefore, they must be replaced in time according to the model and usage of the parts. These parts include: saw chains, guide plates, transmission components (clutch, clutch drum, sprocket), filters, starters, spark plugs, and components of vibration reduction systems.