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Best gasoline pole hedge trimmer


Which pole hedge trimmer is best for you?

When trimming the tallest hedges, you need a pole hedge trimmer. It is not safe to use a standard trimmer for a ladder-the risk of injury is too high. Pole hedge trimmers are cheaper than standard trimmers, so you can still buy very effective and low cost pole trimmers.

The best pole hedge trimmer is the Makita 20 inch articulated pole hedge trimmer kit. It has a long reach and the head is hinged so you can trim from any angle.

What you need to know before buying a pole hedge trimmer

Source of energy

Pole hedge trimmers are powered by wire, battery, or gas.

The corded trimmer is the easiest because you just plug it in. It is also the lightest because it has no complex engine, no heavy battery, and no unhealthy emissions. Their drawbacks are the minimum power, the limited range, and the worry of accidentally disconnecting the cord.

Battery-powered trimmers are a good midpoint. They have great power, can be used anywhere, and have no emissions. However, most trimmers run out of battery quickly and it takes a long time to charge the battery.

The gas trimmer is the strongest and is ideal for plus size and commercial applications. However, they are bulky, noisy, and complicated to maintain. It also emits unhealthy exhaust gas.

Rod and blade length

The length of the poles and blades determines how big the hedge can be trimmed and whether the hedge can be trimmed easily and quickly.

Pole lengths are typically 6-12 feet, but can be longer. Some poles are stretchable, so they can be adapted to hedgerows.

Blade lengths are typically 16 to 22 inches. The shorter the blade, the easier it is to control, but the longer the blade, the faster the work.

What is included

With the exception of battery-powered trimmers, most pole hedge trimmers come with tools only. These usually include tools only and battery and charger kit options. Some trimmers also come with accessories such as leaf buckets, backup batteries, and safety devices.

What to look for in a high quality pole hedge trimmer

Trigger lock

The best pole hedge trimmers have trigger locks. That is, you don't have to hold the trigger to continue. It's easier to control the trimmer, especially if you start using a very long trimmer in a tall hedge.

Joint head

Many pole hedge trimmers have an articulation, also known as a swivel head. This allows you to choose a trimming angle, such as a 90 degree angle to level the top of the hedge.

How much can you spend on a pole hedge trimmer?

They can cost from a minimum of $ 50 to a maximum of $ 500. Low power electric trimmers usually cost less than $ 150, but the average trimmer is around $ 200. Only the most powerful and feature-rich trimmers cost between $ 250 and over $ 300.

Pole hedge trimmer FAQ

How to safely use a pole hedge trimmer?

1.There are several steps for safe pruning.

First, make sure the trimmer is ready. Check the fuel source and double-check that the blades are sharp.

Then make sure you're ready. Wear skin, gloves, protective goggles, and clothing that covers your earmuffs. Wearing a mask does no harm, but it is not always necessary.

Finally, make sure you are ready to hedge. Make sure the trimmer is free of lost toys, animals, nests and other items that should not be cut.

After completing these steps and making sure no one is nearby, you are ready to prun.

How much maintenance does the pole hedge trimmer need?

1.It depends on the fuel source. The electric trimmer requires minimal maintenance. Normally, you just need to make sure the blades are sharp and lubricated and the body is clean. The gas trimmer is more complicated because it requires the engine to be regularly maintained on the blades and fuselage.